Thursday, August 23, 2007

Accommodations on Kiawah

One reason I consider Kiawah the best family vacation destination can be attributed to the lack of commercialism on the island. That can be good and bad. Some travelers like access to McDonalds, Starbucks, etc. Personally, I can do without those amenities that I am regularly exposed to the other 50 weeks of the year that I work. During my time on the beach or golf course, I prefer to keep such commercialism out of mind and spirit. So where the heck do you stay on Kiawah Island if there are no Holiday Inns, Marriotts, or Hyatts? Well there are two types of accommodations available on the island: 1) Hotels and 2) Villas or homes. Your choice depends on which style of housing you prefer, as well as what your budget allows. There are some quality resorts from which to choose. They are as follows.

The island offers up many different villas and homes for rent by a company called Resortquest. Resortquest is a property management company that contracts with homeowners to rent out their properties throughout the year. The website (See below)provides detailed information on just about anything you need to know about the units and their location. You can search properties by price, island location, etc. You can even reserve your rental way in advance via the web. We used this company last year and ended up with a unit one block away from our in-laws that own on the island. We picked a unit for a great price and a short, short, walk to the ocean. (You can rent units that are right on the ocean!) Please go to the link for more information.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort
Another rental option is through Kiawah Island Golf Resort. It offers up similiar rental types as mentioned above. However, the golf resort occasionally provides some cost effective golf packages that allow renters to enjoy lower than expected golf rates. I have yet to take advantage of this..shame on me.

The Sanctuary
This hotel is the feature attraction for island accommodations. The Sanctuary is situated on the Atlantic beachfront with truly awesome views everywhere you look. The amenities of this hotel include pool (outdoor and indoor), fitness center, spa, conference facilities, and golf accommodations. The Sanctuary is part of the Kiawah Island Golf Resort. I have yet to stay at this hotel mainly due to my budget constraints.

Vacation Rental by Owner
There are several villas also on the island that are rented directly by the private owners. Many of these owners advertise and rent their units through a website called This site is actually pretty informative and provides rental information on vacation properties all over the world. This site is great for families that like to bring their dogs on vacation. Many of the rentals offered through vbro have paw print icons that indicate that such units allow pets. I will probably be renting through this site next year with our newly acquired golden retriever.

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