Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kiawah 2008

Another March 2008 spent in Kiawah. We decided to rent through Resort Quest and had another wonderful year on the island. We got into our villa the day before Easter after our 16 hour drive and had time to take a quick walk to the beach and get back for dinner. This is the second time in eight years of which we have visited Kiawah during the Easter week and we were able to enjoy some of the really fun activities that are offered to the kids staying on the island. There was an easter egg hunt, rides, jumpies, music, ice cream socials, movies. The place was "hoppin" during the easter weekend and we all had a good time. After the weekend we did a whole lot of bike riding, golfing, and playing on the beach. The water temp was a little chilly so swimming was kept to a minimum. The kids did enjoy getting their feet wet as well as making sand castles.

Our trips into Charleston during the week featured none other than a trip to Sticky Fingers barbecue and another ghost tour. This time we decided to take the dungeon tour which was pretty impressive. I look to post some additional Kiawah 2008 information on this blog very soon.

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