Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Famous Movies Made In Charleston: Kiawah

My wife and I have endured watching the mini series North & South (books I & II) over the last few days. I enjoy books and movies that cover this period of our history, whether fictional or not. Anyway, I recalled the plantation of Mont Royal from the movie being filmed at the Boone Hall Plantation. I do remember this from the tour (which I recommend). There are even some shots of the Cooper river (tributary) just to the south of the home that looked very familiar from our visit. I thought that perhaps the plantation of Resolute was also in South Carolina, but have learned that was filmed in Louisiana. It was also fun to see downtown Charleston filmed with dirt and sand thrown over the streets to create the old time effect.

I was able to put together another quick list of movies filmed in the area:

Cold Mountain (2003)
Patriot (2000)
The Notebook (2004)
For the Boys (1991)

Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)


Greg C said...

The Notebook is the biggest hit for my blog. A lot of people look for it when coming to our area. You forgot to mention the Grape Stomp at Irvin House Vineyards in your list of things to do in August. There were over a thousand people there this year.

Anonymous said...

Few people know that there was another movie shot on Kiawah Island back in 1988. It had Liam Neeson, Julia Roberts, Debbie Harry and stared Justine Bateman at the peak of her "Family Ties" fame. It was called "Satisfaction." Here's the plot summary from IMDb:
A couple of teenagers have a band, Mystery, with Jennie as the lead singer. They go to a bar on the coast and play during the summer. Jennie falls in love with the owner of the bar, Martin. They get an offer to play in Europe and perhaps become famous. But are they ready for it?