Friday, April 17, 2009

Fort Sumter 2009

Kiawah 2009 – Fort Sumter

Well we finally embraced a trip to Fort Sumter last week. We overall received pretty decent weather for the week all except this rainy day spent visiting the fort. We managed to avoid rain all week except this Thursday of which we were drenched. The tour begins at the liberty square marina area which is adjacent to the Aquarium which we will have to visit upon another vacation. The tour begins in a museum adjacent to the ferry boat departure. The museum has all sorts of amazing artifacts and models from this commencement to the Civil War. Being a civil war history admirer, I was in heaven.
After spending about fifteen minutes at the museum we then proceeded to walk aboard the ferry boat destined for Fort Sumter. The boat ride lasted about ten minutes and I was disappointed to not see any dolphins as touted by some.
The trip was met by horizontal rain and we all got soaked getting from the boat to the fort. Fortunately a good portion of the tour on Fort sumter included a roof over our heads which kept us dry. The fort is truly amazing as there were original cannon pointed outward at different points of the perimeter. The brickwork of the fort is also hundred of years old which was pretty amazing.
We then proceeded into the museum on the fort which gives additional information about the battle of Sumter and the proceeding occupation of the fort by confederate forces. The heavy downpour disallowed our opportunity to go up top to get a clear view of Charleston and those surrounding islands that fired upon Sumter. I was really disappointed about this, though I will make this my excuse to come back another day and tour again. Maybe we will also have dolphins provide us an escort.

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