Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Review of Hominy Grill Charleston

Spending the day touring Charleston and looking for a true southern meal to tie you over? Look no further than Hominy Grill. This restaurant is owned and operated by chef Robert Stehling. The chef maintains a grass roots concept of using only the freshest and local ingredients whenever possible. His dishes are prepared from scratch and the daily specials are always something new and exciting. We have visited this restaurant on five different occasions and I regret not visiting it more often.


If you are roaming the downtown commercial district and would like to get over to Hominy you may want to get back into your car and zip over to 207 Rutledge. The restaurant is much too far of a walk from the downtown area and you may risk going through a few rough neighborhoods to get there. The restaurant has a small parking lot which may involve driving around the block once or twice to find parking.


Hominy Grill serves all three meals a day and is opened seven days a week. Check the website link on the left for store hours as the restaurant shuts down briefly between meal service.

Reservations and Payment
Reservations are strongly recommended for dinner as word of mouth has traveled fast about Hominy Grill. You may luck out for breakfast and lunch and secure a table outside in the courtyard if the inside dining area is full.
Hominy Grill accepts all major credit cards.


Prices for breakfast range between $4 and $10; lunch ranges between $5 to $12; and dinner ranges between $8 and $22.

Food Recommendations
Specialties include Shrimp and Cheese Grits, Fried Chicken with collard greens, She crab soup with sherry, chocolate pudding, and buttermilk pie. Another local favorite is the big nasty served during breakfast. The homemade biscuits are also phenomenal.
The food is deliciously prepared and such a great escape from chain restaurant repetition. I have yet to have a bad meal cooked and served at the Hominy Grill. My usually standby is the small cup of she crab soup with a meal of shrimp and cheese grits. My wife and I usually conclude the meal by splitting the heavenly rich homemade chocolate pudding or buttermilk pie.

Absolutely make sure to leave room for dessert!

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