Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kiawah Bike Paths

Have you had a chance to bike Kiawah Island? This is the best way to see the island whether looking at the ocean life, marshlands, birds, gators, or golf courses. This is also a great way for visitors to peruse island real estate up close. If you have never been to Kiawah and planning a trip, consider taking your mountain bike with you or simply rent a beach bike from one of the many Kiawah bicycle renters. The Kiawah bike trail covers nearly thirty miles from the Kiawah gate entrance all the way to the end of the Island at the Ocean Course. The bike trail follows along the Kiawah parkway and branches out in several points to the ocean via various routes to park and beach access.

Bike With Kids on Kiawah

Don’t let little children hamper your ability to bike the island. Most of the local bike shops will rent the Burley trailer that accommodates two small children and easily hooks onto the back of the bike. If a child is slightly older or big for a burley, there are also children seats that attach to the back of the bike or even bike extensions. The bike shops also rent bike helmets and other island items such as strollers, canoes and kayaks.

Kiawah Bike Path Extends to Freshfields

For those that enjoy a trip to Freshfield’s village, now you can take the extended Kiawah island parkway bike trail to this outdoor shopping center. The long awaited bike trail extension completed in January is just to the south of the parkway and extends a few miles from the main gate to Freshfield’s. The trail picks up again and heads on to Seabrook Island and Bohicket marina. This is also a great way to get to the Kiawah River and do some shore fishing.

Bike Accessories

The island can get pretty warm during spring through fall months, so remember to bring a water bottle and also a cooler if you plan on getting any food at the market during your bike trip.

Biking the Length of the Island

For those that have not done so, I highly recommend a bike trip to the furthest point (Ocean Course) provided the wind is at your back and helping you along the way. No need to fear riding into the wind on your return trip because you can simply take a path back to the parkway bike trail on your way back you’re your residence.

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