Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fun Beach Games for Kids

Heading down to the beach is always a good time. The key beach essentials will most likely include sun block, towel, umbrella, and perhaps a good paperback to read prior to taking a siesta. Trying to keep children entertained on the beach is a different story. They will immediately kick, splash, and swim around for about a half hour before becoming bored as they look to you for guidance on how to spend the rest of the time on the sand. Here is a list of fun beach games for kids that will require some participation by Mom or Dad, but will be well worth the effort.

Fun Children’s Beach Games -Treasure Hunt

Bring a small plastic or wooden box along to the beach with either small toys or treats as the treasure kept inside. Bury your treasure while the kids are out of sight and create a map with clues that will help them find the treasure chest. Just make sure your buried treasure box is marked well enough that you remember the location also!

Fun Children’s Beach Games - Volleyball

Volleyball on the beach never gets old. Once the net is up and a few people start hitting the ball back and forth, many beach neighbors may request to participate in the game. The more the merrier. If the team environment is all kids, consider using a softer ball instead of volleyball.

Fun Children’s Beach Games -Tug of War

This game involves at least two members on each team with a long rope and a cloth tied to the middle. Create two lines in the sand with a “neutral” zone in the middle. Add some excitement ahead of time by getting a large shovel and creating a big watery moat or sink hole in this neutral zone. The winner will successfully pull the hanging cloth over their respective line and the loser will eventually land in the wet sandy hole.

Fun Children’s Beach Games – Sand Darts

This game is easy to create. Draw a large circle in the sand with a stick. Then draw several circles within the large circle just like a dart board. Each team will throw several feet away and throw bean bags or shells (pick a team color) at the circles in the sand.

Fun Children’s Beach Games – Relay Races

A good beach game is the water bucket relay race. Position two sand or toy buckets near the edge of the water. The two teams at the start of “go” will each have a cup that they will carry to the ocean, fill and run back to the bucket to fill. The next in line will then carry the cup or little shovel and do the same. The first one to fill the bucket will win. This game may last only one round as the kids get pooped out running back and forth in the hot sun.

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David said...

Relay Races and Treasure Hunt are the best options, when it comes to the beach party..

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