Monday, July 19, 2010

Vincent’s Drug Store and Soda Fountain

If you plan on a brief or long visit to the Kiawah or Seabrook destination, always keep an open lunch date planned for Vincent’s Soda Fountain. This little pharmacy and soda shop is located within the Freshfield’s Village shopping district (110 Planted Row, John’s Island). The store is located kitty corner from the Newton Farm’s parking lot and serves as an ideal lunch gathering before going shopping or heading out to the beach for an afternoon of fun in the sun.

The store is a throwback to the old time soda fountains one would see on tv or (perhaps experienced personally depending on your age). While the pharmacy portion of the building also looks like a throwback to the fifties, the service and prescription services are as modern as one could wish for. The prescription service includes online and phone in refill service. Though if you plan on getting your medicine refilled please be advised that the hours will not be akin to those 24/7 services provided back at home.

Aside from prescription and over the counter medical supplies, Vincent’s sells a vast assortment of other fun items for the Kiawah visitor to peruse. The store also stocks sun tanning products, camera supplies, post cards, stationery, and lots of candy. We usually walk up and down the aisles of the retail section of the store as our burgers or sundaes are being prepared in the diner.

The biggest allure to visiting Vincent’s is the diner. The old time counter service and aroma of cheeseburgers are the hook, line, and sinker to stopping in for a fun lunch before purchasing groceries for the week at neighboring Newton Farms. The kids enjoy the fun sundae concoctions as they hop up onto the bar stool and watch the creation be prepared. The root beer floats and old time chocolate soda’s is the perfect chaser to the fantastic butter burgers prepared on the grill top.

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