Thursday, September 2, 2010

Places to Golf in Charleston Area

Whether you are a low country resident or just coming in for the week or long weekend, Charleston provides great entertainment for the entire crew. If you do spend a week vacationing in Charleston, plan to take at least two trips to the golf courses. (One trip simply is not enough if you go through the hassle of lugging the big bag of clubs on an airplane or in the trunk). There are several ideal courses worthy of mention that can be found at my Charleston golf course directory. I have also inserted this link on the side of this blog for future reference.

This website created by me is still pretty raw. Please be kind. It is a work in progress . The courses shown on the pages serve the Charleston, North Charleston and areas south west such as the Kiawah, Seabrook and other outlying areas. For those that are staying on the Kiawah, Seabrook Islands, and Isle of Palms, you are fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful courses at your doorstep, though be aware these convenient close courses carry excessive greens fees. If price is no option, I would recommend a day at the Ocean course or Cougar Point on Kiawah. I have scanned the internet high and low looking for discounts or clubs offering any kind of reduction in the Kiawah course rates. I have not found any! The only “discount” potential with these Kiawah courses is when a person rents accommodations through the golf resort. I have not explored this option as I rent my villa every year from a private owner. It remains to be seen whether this is a good deal or not. There are several courses located in the West Ashley, Hollywood, and Mt. Pleasant that are good quality courses at the fraction of the price of Kiawah.

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enjoyed the nice and informative blog! Thanks
Especially enjoyed learning about the old fashioned soda fountain, which I did not know about---now will plan to stop in and visit it.