Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oldest Oak Tree East of Mississippi - The Angel Oak Tree

Those of you low country natives and tourists that have travelled just south of Charleston along Bohicket Road on John’s Island have experienced the beauty of majestic and very ancient oak trees lining this highway. These trees have extended a thick network of branches or canopies that allow very little light on the ground even on the brightest of days. The trees can be a bit overbearing and often create “white” knuckle driving as these oaks come dangerously close to the road eliminating any shoulder in many places along Bohicket. I can always tell I am getting close to Kiawah and Seabrook with the presence of these beautiful trees.

As old as these trees are, they are undoubtedly adolescent in age in comparison to the Charleston famous Angel Oak. The “Tree” as called by the locals is the 1500 plus year old tree that is located just off Bohicket at 3688 Angel Oak Road on John’s Island. For a tree of this stature, it is not as tall as one would believe as it stands sixty five feet tall. What is more impressive is the enormous canopy with very large limps extending outward in many directions. There is no fee for observing this work of Mother Nature that has stood the test of time. When venturing out to Kiawah, take a minute and pull of Angel Oak Drive to witness the “Tree”! To learn more about this living Oak tree, please visit the You Tube link.

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Brad said...

Sorry to have missed your post a few weeks back. I would highly recommend Mustard Seed at 1970 Maybank Highway in Charleston or Hominy Grill if going into downtown Charleston. I hope your trip is going well!