Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You know you are in Charleston South Carolina When.....

There is something definitely magical about taking a stroll through the streets of Charleston and taking in all the sights, sounds, and aroma of the city. The way to really see this city is by foot though a carriage ride should not be passed up when given the chance. I put together a quick list of things that immediately come to mind when visiting this great City.

1. The Market – This historic shopping venue has been around for quite some time and is always a fun three block stroll whether perusing beautiful sweet grass baskets, Charleston t-shirts, or some really off the wall hot sauce. The market has all sorts of knick knacks that appeal to just about anyone. The Market now has a new look and feel as it was recently in the summer of 2011.
2. Pralines – Those that walk down Market Street know what I mean. A stroll up and down the street and you will eventually capture a few good praline samples. The aroma of this delicious confection is enough to lure you into the shop. Pralines are a sweetness of the south that I am only too happy to enjoy.
3. Cemeteries and Churches – The history of this city would not be acknowledged without browsing the local churches and cemeteries found throughout the holy city. My walking tours of Charleston recall the round Huguenot church and St. Philips.
4. Ghost Tours – Our family has a strange fascination with the dark side of Charleston. We have succumbed to three or four walking ghost tours that are always a fun way to burn an hour after dining out in Charleston. Most of these tours are even suitable for children to enjoy.
5. Seafood – The restaurants are teeming with sensational seafood whether the destination is Hymans, Hanks, or the Charleston Crab House. My trip into Charleston once or twice during my vacation week always requires a seafood stop.
6. Cadets – Call it the west point of the south since the “War Between the States”. One is always going to see the traditional and sharp looking uniform of the local Citadel cadets walking the streets of Charleston.
7. Pineapple Fountain – This has been a destination for as long as I have been coming to Charleston the past ten years. This fountain situated on the waterfront is an excellent place for family pictures and for scenic walks along the bay.
8. Hominy Grill – This restaurant though not in the heart of the downtown Charleston area, is in my opinion one of the best stops for eats. The food is incredibly tasty and local. Eating outside in the courtyard even makes the meal more special. Don’t pass up an opportunity to catch a meal here. The chocolate pudding is to die for.
9. Southend Brewery – Okay, so I have had much better microbrews at other cities. A long afternoon spent shopping with the rest of our traveling company requires a reward of freshly brewed ale at Southend. The upstairs is apparently haunted and you may learn more about this upon participating in a ghost tour (See #4).
10. Sticky Fingers – Just down the street from Hyman’s. This restaurant is a chain that started in Tennessee and has grown quite a bit since. I love ribs and this place does them right. This is another must stop place for me to dine when I am in town. They even give you real terry cloth towels to capture the saucy mess. Yum!

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