Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Appropriate Golf Attire For Cold Weather Golf

I have a deep admiration for those die hard golfers that are determined to prolong the golf season by playing through the colder months of November through March. Living in the Chicago area, I typically hang up the clubs right around Thanksgiving after the thermometer teeters in the high thirties; as forties is pretty much my cutoff. Though winter golf is pretty much non-existent in the north, there are some ways to keep the game alive for those living (or visiting) the Carolinas and other southeastern states that are typically free of snow, but still exhibit cold golf conditions at times. The success of extending the golf season year around depends on staying comfortable on the course during these colder months. If you are determined to keep the season alive into January and February, don’t let the colder temps deter you by following these easy cold weather golf attire tips.

Keep the Head Warm

The old saying that most body heat is lost through the head is no myth. Just about any decent winter hat will serve you well when playing a round in thirties and forties. Be sure the hat of choice is capable of covering the ears as well as the head. Some popular headgear includes the typical ski hat, a balaclava, or hat with ear flaps. Avoid simply using a baseball style hat or “old duffer style” top as this type of headgear leaves ears exposed to wind.


An absolute must for cold weather golf gear is going with the Under Armour body wear for legs and torso. This extra layer of thermal protection is lightweight and works magic underneath the pants and sweatshirt. Try to keep the layers over the Under Armour shell to be free flowing, water resistant and not too restricting so that the golf swing is not compromised. I would recommend some loose fitting sweaters or sweatshirts followed up with wind repelling jacket. For lower body covering, consider golf wind pants for the outer shell.


Keeping the game fun and comfortable means keeping the feet dry and warm. The options are limited with footwear as you need to still wear the basic golf shoe with spikes when playing the course. Feet can gain extra protection by opting for heavier sock that will insulate the feet from the cold. If cold soggy conditions ensue on the course, keep the feet dry by wrapping them in plastic baggies before sliding on the golf shoe. If the golf shoes are waterproof, all the better.


One of the easiest ways to keep hands warm during the colder November weather play is to go with golf gloves on both hands. If a golf glove on the opposite hand does not sit well with your game, simply cover your hands with regular winter or ski gloves in between shots. Another useful aide for hand warmth is to bring along a disposable hand warmers during your round.

Extra Cold Weather Golf Tips

Keep the blood flowing and body warm by walking the course. A course ride in the cart with a cold beverage will drop your body temperature and comfort level down in a hurry. The added benefit to walking the course may include paying reduced fees as well as the benefit of getting a little exercise.

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