Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dolphin Watching in Kiawah

One of the local wildlife treasures in the Charleston area are the dolphins that can be spotted swimming the Atlantic coastline. It is pretty common to view these amazing creatures up close whether sailing the Charleston harbor, taking a ferry to Fort Sumter, or even walking the beaches of Kiawah and Seabrook. One ideal location to try and spot dolphins is over in the Captain Sam’s Inlet area. This inlet is at the beginning of the island where the Kiawah River feeds into the Atlantic. One can get access to the inlet area at Beachwalker County Park which is just before the Kiawah security gate. It is this location that is teeming with abundance of fish, birds, and of course dolphins. For those that want to dedicate a few hours to really seek out dolphins, there are a few local guides that will take you on a dolphin watching cruise . These cruises are a great way to explore the salt water community and see numerous animals besides dolphins, and view some really pretty homes that are situated along this vibrant inter-coastal waterway.

Usually when you see one dolphin walking along the beach, you will surely see a few more. Dolphin pods are sometimes mistaken for sharks until you get a closer look at the fins. Here is a fun video of dolphins beaching or “stranding” themselves along the Kiawah River. Dolphin or whales stranding typically means the mammal has beached itself with intent to die due to disease or orientation complications with sonar. These critters seem to be just acting playful perhaps in pursuit of a mid day lunch of small fish swimming along the shoreline.

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