Monday, April 23, 2012

Easy Tips for Skimboarding on Sand

Skimboarding is a relatively new beach and surf craze that appears to be gathering steam with each passing summer. I have seen children and teens at the Kiawah beach try their luck with these boards. Skimboards are larger than bodyboards but smaller than the traditional surf board. The beauty of skimming sand and water is that there are numerous locations throughout the U.S. where you can find t low (almost flat) pitches of sand meeting water which is ideal for skimboarding. I have seen numerous beaches in Florida and the Carolinas (e.g. Kiawah Island) that are ideal places to try this sport. The equipment needed is the flat sand skimboard. Most of these boards are made of either wood or fiberglass. The wood options tend to be heavier but also go at a much more reasonable price. For sand skimming, choose a board that is relative small and flat. The longer curved boards are better served for skimboarding in deeper water and turning into a wave which requires more experience and master of the sand skimming. If you are interested in trying out this sport ask a fellow beachcomber if you can try his or her board for one turn before heading to the store. I would consider checking out used options at local surf or sporting goods shop. The first step to sand skimming is the board drop. As I mentioned before, the best beaches to skim are those which have relatively low pitch where the sand and waves meet. Find the area of sand that has a very low level of water on it and drop or slide the board out in front. Now, give yourself a running start and run on and with the board. Avoid a sudden jump on the board as you will wipeout. It is crucial to remember you are trying to skim the sand and water and try and propel the board forward instead of straight down. I have attached a video of a Kiawah beachcomber trying his luck out at skimboarding on sand. Give it some practice and you will be ready to start skimming the waves!

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