Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Five Tips for Saving Money When Visiting Charleston, South Carolina

A trip to Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding low country can be a rewarding and fun experience whether visiting for the first time or thirty-first time. The city is ripe with opportunities for great dining, tours, and local attractions such as plantation visits and local museums. The experience will be much more enjoyed when one is able to save money in the process. There are numerous ways to save a buck here and there before you visit the area. Check out these great money saving tips before your next visit to Charleston.

1. Use Groupon and Living Social for Charleston Deals

I became a member of Groupon and Living Social a few years back to take advantage of dining and golf deals in the Chicago area (as that is where I live). The good news is that these sites cover just about every location across the globe. Groupon and Living Social do not require any money to become a registered user. You simple create a login and password and provide the site with your personal interests, which will include geographic places of interest, whether it is your hometown or vacation destination, or both. These sites will then e-mail you daily specials on extreme coupons for dining, accommodations and many other fun activities. For the Charleston area, I will get occasional groupon deals on two for one dinner specials, discounts on tours and golfing, and accommodations discounts.

2. Save money on vacation by using Retailer websites for printable coupons

If you have a pretty good idea of those places you expect to visit during your trip to Charleston or, Kiawah, or any surrounding cities, consider visiting the retailer websites. If your itinerary includes specific restaurants, golf courses, and tours, go ahead and check out their websites for discounts or coupons. These sites occasionally have printable coupons that can save the tourist some serious money. I usually come down to the low country with printed coupons for the various walking tours (Ghost tours) which saves me anywhere from $12 to $15 for our group five.

3. Save Money on Vacation Events or Tours by knowing the discount Days

There are always those days of the week for which customers are charged a higher price than others. A great example is golfing. Just about every golf course will charge a premium to play on weekends. Consider booking your vacation tee time whether it is at Patriot’s Point or Stono Ferry on a weekday. Also consider the time of day as the golfing tends to be cheaper also during twilight rounds which start anywhere between 2 pm and 4pm n the afternoon. Consider the costs associated with restaurant reservations and times. Some restaurants may offer a happy hour or complimentary appetizer depending on the time of your visit.

4. Purchase Coupon Books or Entertainment books for Charleston visit

Last year I purchased a Charleston Golf Directory Book that saved me some serious money and allowed me to play some great Kiawah Courses at a significantly discounted rate. The coupon book serves numerous Charleston area golf courses. Also consider purchasing the Entertainment Coupon ( books that usually retail for about $25 but provide good savings for local entertainment and dining. Entertainment also has online membership that provides printable coupons and deals for $19.99.

5. Purchase Souvenirs at the Market

One of the best places to peruse t shirts, sweat shirts, towels, and other touristy items is the Charleston downtown market. Usually the vendors will undersell the same shirt you would buy at a resort gift shop or downtown store. A trip down in Charleston is not complete without taking an hour to peruse the market for knick knacks. If you do not see any eye catching deals at the market, the visit the Target located at the Citadel Mall.

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