Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kayaking the Kiawah River

While we were down in Kiawah this past June, I picked a balmy evening to take a post dinner bike ride out to Freshfield’s. The bike is one of my favorite modes of transportation on the Island and allows me to burn some calories as I tend to eat more while I am down here. The ride was peaceful and gave me a great opportunity to soak in Kiawah’s wildlife. The round trip excursion took about an hour but included spotting a bobcat (climbing up a tree at Cougar golf club), a few deer running across the fairways, and finally a dolphin spotting. The bike trail pretty much follows Kiawah Island Parkway (getting on and off the island). One great stopping point along this trail for pictures is the bridge over the Kiawah River. This river is a good place to stop and take in some great sunset views over the picturesque salt marsh. It isn’t uncommon to spot a few photographers setting up for some dusk shots just about every evening. The bridge over the river is also a great place to observe fish and an occasional dolphin coming in to feed. I witnessed a few dolphins that seemed to enjoy the company of neighborly kayakers that just departed Mingo point (just down the road).

While I swear by the bicycle being the best way to navigate the island; I would add the canoe or kayak to that statement. Small boats whether canoe or kayak appears to be the only way to get into those unreachable but picturesque places along the marsh. It also affords the opportunity to pal around with the dolphins. I did notice the fifteen minutes spent on the bridge dolphin watching included the nuisance of the no see ums that can be relentless, and I was unarmed with pest repellent lotion. I will definitely have to add a Kayak excursion to my itinerary next time I am down in the lowcountry.


Mike Bishop7 said...

Great post Brad! Kayaking usually always equals great family vacations , I know me and my family have a blast every time we go. Thank you for sharing this with us!

Jimfavreur said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation to take with a family! I am always looking for new ideas for a family vacation. Last winter, my husband and I decided to take our kids and get a vail vacation home rental. It was a blast. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely keep this destination in mind!