Monday, September 17, 2012

June Photos of Kiawah Island

I stumbled across some extra photos from my past June trip to this great place. Aside from the lush green resort golf courses and the prestine beach, the crown jewel of Kiawah is the river and salt marsh. These photos captured some of the beauty.

The river current runs strong and rises and declines depending on time of day and respective tide. The river is occasionally busy with kayaks, dolphins, and many different birds. Sunset brings forth occassional photographers, sketch pads, and bicyclists a sit back and enjoy a marsh view sunset from the bridge.

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mackenzie said...

These pictures are great. My friends and I have been looking at Martha's Vineyard vacation rentals. We need a girls weekend! My husband would love Kiawah Island. I will have to send this to him, thanks for sharing!