Saturday, December 8, 2012

Direct Flights to Charleston South Carolina

Getting to Charleston can be a breeze especially if you are able to fly nonstop into Charleston International Airport. Most flights from U.S cities require one (or sometimes two) stops before arriving into Charleston, but you can still find some great direct flights from many major city airports. I put together a list of air carriers by major cities in the U.S. that fly direct into Charleston just about every day.
New York – Delta flies non-stop from LaGuardia. United flies non-stop from Newark to Charleston International Airport. Jet Blue will also be flying direct between JFK and Charleston effective February 28th.
Chicago – Typically United offers daily non-stop flights from Chicago to Charleston International at O’Hare. If you decide to fly out of Midway, consider the friendly Southwest airlines for non-stop flights.
Boston -  Currently there are not any air carriers that fly non- stop between Charleston and Boston. Airlines that fly between cities include Delta, US Airways, American, and United.  Jet Blue will be flying effective February 28th and offer direct flights.
Houston – United flies directly to Charleston.
Atlanta – Delta flies direct to Charleston and serves as main connecting point from other destinations.
Charlotte – US Airways and United Airlines both fly direct to Charleston. This city is also a common connection point before proceeding on to Charleston.
Miami – American Airlines offers direct flight service to Charleston from Miami.
Dallas - Flies direct via American Airlines.
Washington DC – US Airways and United fly direct between Charleston and nation’s capital.

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