Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Seven Fun Things to do on the Beach when the Water is Too Cold

February and especially March start to get much warmer in the low country with temperatures teasing from sixties to occasional eighty degrees Fahrenheit. The weather is optimal for biking, golfing, tennis and whatever else a coastal Carolina visitor fancies. The beach can also be a fun retreat, but the colder Atlantic can put a damper on things if you plan on going swimming. The water temperature usually hovers in the fifties in February and March. That is a bit cold for a Spring break plunge. I have been down to Kiawah Island for Spring break numerous times and have seen the brave and willing go for a dip (head to toe) into the water.
No thanks, I make it as far as walking maybe knee deep into t he water then turn back. The cold ocean temps should not deter anyone from visiting the beach. The miles and miles of sand allow the perfect environment for warming up from a cold winter. I put together a list of five fun things to do on the beach when the water is too cold:
1.       Sun Bathe – Yes. This is obvious! Bring a towel or your favorite chair and a good book. The water may be cold but the sand is usually warm and feels good on the feet. Even consider a nap to the sleepy sound of the waves. Just don’t forget to bring the sun block. You do not want to wake up red like a lobster. Quiet time on the beach allows for an opportunity to clear the mind and worries.
2.       Search for Treasures in the Sand – Bring an old bucket and walk along the surf and set out to find that one in a million sand dollar or conch shell. I am not sure why but the shell selection seems better during the spring months as opposed to my visits in the warmer months. Another popular way to search for treasurers is to roam the beach with a metal detector.
3.       Sand Art – Test your abilities to make your very best sand castle or sculpture. The beach is your canvas ready for the perfect masterpiece. Just bring some assistants along to help tote the water and tools.
4.       Volleyball – Bring a net, a ball, and some friends for a fun afternoon of seaside volleyball. Volleyball is always much more enjoyable in the sand. Just don’t forget the cold drinks and a snack.
5.       Bicycling – Depending upon which beach you are at, consider bicycling along the waterfront. Kiawah beaches are ideal for bicycling as the sand is densely packed. Just be cognizant of the wind conditions. What may appear to be an easy glide or coast in one direction (courtesy of the wind) could turn out to be a very tiring pedal on the way back.
6.       Fishing the Atlantic from the Beach – Consider shore fishing. I have never fished the surf, but will occassionally spot a shore fisherman during the morning bike rides. The Atlantic is teeming with a variety of fish just waiting to be caught. No boat needed.
7.       Running and Walking the Beach – Running in sand is a great workout. Taking a jog or long walk along the seashore is a great way to get the mind off the exercise and keep your vision on the sand and surf ahead of you. I usually combine a run/walk over a few miles which allows for great opportunities to look at some really nice homes and golf courses along the oceanfront.

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