Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Halloween from Low Country Tourist - My Golden Retriever Jack O Lantern

Since being a young lad I have always looked forward to halloween fun. As great as the hype can be for costumes, candy, and haunted houses, I really enjoy the evening of pumpkin carving with family. My wife and I actually participated in the carving process with our kids this year as we created our own jack o lanterns. My inspiration for this year's jack o lantern was my Kiawah travel buddy, our golden retriever Savannah. I am a terrible sketcher and simply could not create my own template of my dog, so I searched the internet high and low and found a awesome dog jack o lantern template courtesy of this site by Better Homes and Gardens. The site is really cool as there are over twenty five different breeds shown on the site and each printable template is free!. The template required enlargement on my office photocopier. The entire carving took a few hours but was well worth the effort. I recommend getting in touch with your "inner child" and carving a pumpkin this year. Enjoy your tricks and treats this week.

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