Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review of Publix Super Market in West Ashley – Johns Island South Carolina

In my thirteen plus years of vacationing in Kiawah, I have spent most of those visits doing my grocery shopping either at the Newton farms store (now a Harris Teeter) or at the local Piggly Wiggly (Johns Island). Those plans changed when the Publix store was built about five years ago within West Ashley Place shopping center (3642 Savannah Highway). My trip to this Publix from the Kiawah villa takes about twenty to twenty five minutes depending on traffic. 

Not sure if it is due to this store still being somewhat new, but cleanliness appears to be a priority of this Publix store; inside and out. The aisles always appear to be easy to navigate. The check out belts and deli counters are always spotless. Even the parking lot appears to be tidy.

Most store associates are extremely friendly. The deli help is super friendly as they occasionally offer up a shaving of sliced meat to sample. I also find it courteous that the check out attendants will sometimes point out store savings when I could be potentially getting ripped off because I overlooked a sale. Thanks guys.
It is a challenge for me to do any comparison pricing when measuring up Publix against  Johns Island Newton Farms (now a Harris Teeter). The island store price markup makes most items at Publix appear very inexpensive.  The real measurement would be comparing Publix to the local Piggly Wiggly (“The Pig”) or Food Lion. I can’t make that comparison because I do not shop at those other locations. Still, I like Publix prices and find pricing comparable to some of the items I can purchase at my home store in the Chicago suburbs.

Aside from being super clean, I really adore the Publix store brand items. Since first walking into a Publix, I have found most of their labeled goods such as their cheesecake, wheat bread, and cinnamon French toast sticks to be the best. If we could find away to bring home numerous cheesecakes back to Illinois in the dog days of summer, we would do it.

All in all, I would highly recommend those staying anywhere relatively close to West Ashley area (within thirty minute drive) to do their weekly shopping there.  You will save a bundle. Just remember to bring a really well insulated cooler if purchasing perishables.

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